My first cat video

If you google ‘cat video’, you’ll see there are more than a million hits. Searching for ‘dog videos’ returns less than half a million hits. Of those many cat videos, there are videos about cats cuddling with each other, cats playing with water, and even cats doing nothing else than meowing. Cats are definitely cute, but are they really cute enough for the world combined to spend a lifetime watching them — each and every hour of the day?

Well, I’m not sure about it, but I’m quite certain that it’s time to create my first cat video. It shouldn’t be just any cat video, but rather one which involves some level of computer science. A friendly consultant from ZEB brought up the idea to use speech generation to synthesize animal sounds. Why not? Getting an account for IBM Bluemix isn’t too difficult, searching for the most common cat sounds isn’t, neither. A train ride later, my first cat video was produced:

Many thanks for all the freely available cat videos. It’s really god to have such a community support when things get important. In case you’re interested in more about cats, have a look at Cat Checkup. In case you’re really into purring, check out Grubby Cat.

Featured image and video CC0 by Alexas Fotos.